Intersections of Language and Nature:

Conservation, Documentation, and Access


September 6-7, 2019

University of Pittsburgh



Friday, September 6

9:00            Registration/COFFEE           


9:30            Welcome and Introduction


10:00          Keynote: Secwépemc Indigenous Perspectives on Language, Nature, and Landscapes 

                   (Chief Ron and Marianne Ignace) 

Live Stream Link:


11:00          COFFEE


11:15          Panel: Experiences from the Land: How has your community protected language and biodiversity?

                   How are they connected in your experience?

                   (Panelists include: Irma Chávez, Andrés Ozuna; Moderated by Felice Wyndham)

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13:30          LUNCH


14:30          Posters*


15:30          Workshop: Taxonomy and Naming

                    (Organized by Andrew Gosler, Eugene S. Hunn, Marshall Iliff)

15:30          Workshop: Access - Mukurtu and the Ethno-ornithology World Atlas

                    (Organized by Felice Wyndham, Eglee Zent, and Dani Stuchel)


16:30          COFFEE (Mid Workshop)

17:30          Panel: How can regional and international networks do more to support community-based          


                   (Panelists include: John Fanshawe, Andrés Ozuna Ortiz, Anna Luisa Daigneault, and Marianne        

                   Ignace; Moderated by Alberto Yanosky)

Live Stream Link:

18:30          RECEPTION – Carnegie Museum of Natural History (

*Posters will be displayed for the duration of the symposium; Friday's session is a dedicated time for submitters to discuss their work. 



Saturday, September 7

9:00                 COFFEE         


9:30                 Keynote: Language, Culture, and Environment

                        (K. David Harrison) 

Live Stream Link:


10:30               Workshop: Language Documentation and Mapping


10:30               Workshop: Access - Mukurtu and the Ethno-ornithology World Atlas

11:15               COFFEE (Mid Workshop)

12:30               LUNCH


13:30               Panel: How can we improve our understanding of global language and species distribution? 

                        (Panelists include: Marshall Iliff, Gary Holton, Karen Park, and Alberto Yanosky; Moderated by

                        John Fanshawe)

Live Stream Link:

15:00               Film: Singing ‘Bird’: Carrying on the Kumeyaay Tradition


15:30               Panel: Discussion of the Film

                       (Teri Brewer and Remote Commentary from Ral Christman and Chairman Paul Cuero)

16:30              COFFEE


17:00               Panel: Synthesis: An open conversation about ways forward.

                        (Panelists include: Felice Wyndham, Chief Ron Ignace, and Alberto Yanosky; Moderated by

                        Gary Holton)

Live Stream Link:


18:30               Closing Remarks


19:15               SYMPOSIUM BANQUET 


20:30               OPEN MIC. (bring your instruments and share your talents!)



Sunday, September 8


Field Trip: National Aviary

Esta conferencia forma parte del programa de investigación multi-institucional Creative Multilingualism (, financiado por el Arts and Humanities Research Council. Nuestro grupo de investigación es un equipo transdisciplinario de académicos que trabajan en el nexo entre la diversidad lingüística y la creatividad. La conferencia está organizada por el Capítulo 2 de Multilingüismo Creativo, Creando un mundo significativo: la naturaleza en nombre, metáfora y mito (


¡Esperamos darle la bienvenida en Pittsburgh!